About me

Power comes from inner peace ...

As an employee I’ve worked across diverse industries for both small and medium-sized companies and large multi-national corporations. Most recently I was Head of Learning & Development for Europe, Middle East and Africa at the Walt Disney Company.

As I enjoy bringing together a wealth of diverse perspectives which lead to expanded entrepreneurial horizons, I’m enriched by a multi-cultural environment. From the very start of my career I enjoyed setting up and developing new areas. It is second nature for me to approach challenges with a solution focus from a pragmatic business angle, infused with positive thinking. The focus of my human interactions has always been four-fold: impart knowledge, connect people, set up new fields and promote the potential of others.

... and from experience and interest in the human being.

In order to deepen my passion I became an accredited trainer (Team Connex AG) and a Systemic Business Coach, accredited by the dvct e.V. Additionally, I embarked on further education in the fields of personality development and psychology. In 2009 I took the decision to put the human aspect at the centre of my work through coaching and training.

To open up new horizons

I am inspired by my fellow humans. This inspiration has grown exponentially through my many contacts with different industries and cultures. I quickly recognized that one common and important source of entrepreneurial success is an individual’s level of satisfaction.

I am convinced that the crossing of borders, i.e. the “going beyond”, on a personal or business level, opens up new perspectives and horizons. This is a lesson I have learnt in my many years of valuable working experience in mid-sized and global companies, and also as a leader myself.

In an international context and across industries, I work with executives and key talents at all levels of the organisation.

I have synthesized all my experience and expertise to help you achieve individual success, as well as for success of your organisation. The good news is that you alone are holding the key to a new “solution-focused” way of thinking, feeling and acting for the success which you desire.