Coaching for you and your team

To which question do I want the answer?

In turbulent times is it important for companies to ensure that their employees combine and wisely use their forces. For your individual success it is also critical that you, as a leader of an organisation, a team and yourself, have constant access to your resources, including your energy.

I offer coaching

- Individually and as a team
- In face-to-face meetings or virtually via modern communication tools
- In German, English, French or Italian

In my experience, a framework of six to eight 2-hr sessions is in most cases sufficient for positive results.

Individual coaching

"The only constant is change."

Life is not a long and calm river. Things are in a constant state of change - be it a work or personal environment. This represents a huge challenge. And at the same time it offers endless opportunities both for the individual and the organisation.

For a leader it is crucial to take the right decisions at the right moment. Change requires self-awareness. Influences from outside the professional field have a considerable effect on how you see youself at work. Both sides profit when they are aligned!

Challenges are opportunities

I encourage you to ask yourself the difficult questions that you haven’t yet asked. I help you to unlock your own potential for change with a razor-sharp solution focus. This may also mean letting go of something which no longer works and stepping into new promising avenues which move you toward action.

Individual coaching sessions are flexible and will be adapted to your needs.

Team coaching

A successful team is more than the sum of its individuals.

Four, eight or twelve eyes see more than two. Furthermore, several heads are more creative than one. In a business context, openness and transparency are critical for ensuring positive business dynamics and results. The energy and success of a team are also at stake.

In modern organizations, the setting up of new teams, the reorganization of existing teams and departmental or project teams are all considered “business as usual”. Often, the focus here lies on the tasks to be achieved rather than on the employees. Taking this into consideration, how can a sound foundation for good and successful collaboration be created? How does the team embark on a common path? How can confusion or conflicts be resolved and avoided?

It is of particular importance here that a team grows together and that a climate can arise where trust and clarity are present around the common goal.

In order to move ahead with your team it is first necessary to clarify your individual and concrete needs. Please contact me for an initial discussion.